Who are we

Maia Entertainment is a truly independent, grassroots company. Since day one our philosophy has been to "just do it" there is no better way to describe us. We move forward where others may be timid simply because we have the desire to achieve our dreams and goals.

Sure, our goals seem lofty and our dreams impossible (to other people), but the way we see it our goals and dreams are lined with pathways of opportunity. We don't look out into the horizon and wonder when or where our destination lies. We see the path in front of us and we take steps to bridge the gap between where we are now and where we want to be.

Sometimes the journey can be a lonely place so we rely on each other. We like to have a family approach to the way we do things. We will accept you with open arms into our home and build on the dreams we share together. We try and build a sense of community and respect for the people we work with. There are those people out there who don't share in this philosophy and they can usually find their way out the door pretty quickly.

We are here because we like to work on film related projects from concept ideas, to writing, producing, acting, directing, shooting, animation, graphics, editing, music, and distribution. We have been known to work with individuals and other independent companies on their projects for a number of reasons, but of course we really like to work on the projects we have in house...who doesn't?

We are working on building a community of film people, music people, actors, and other artists who share in the desire to achieve their dreams and goals that they have set out for themselves. That is why we are here. That is what Maia Entertainment is all about.