Maia History

Rick, born in Guadalajara, Mexico is too young to remember his birthplace when his parents, bring him and his brother over to America in 1976 to find better opportunities.

Ti Kenneth Hays is born in Phnom Penh , Cambodia. His family and he escape the "killing fields" of that country and immigrate to the United States in 1979. God bless this great country we live in.

The courage in his parents' surviving the ordeal in Cambodia teaches Ti to never take his life for granted. He feels utterly grateful and fortunate to have the opportunity to be alive and pursue his dreams.

Rick grows up dreaming his way through school. He spends his free time with friends, family, drawing cartoons and playing sports. Never one without an imagination but too shy to perform in front of people Rick decides in H.S. that he would like to work behind the scenes on movies.

Ti graduates with a B.S. in pre-med biology from The University of Illinois - Champaign/Urbana. After taking an improv class at The College of Dupage, Ti finds his love in acting playing leading and supporting roles in shows such as "A Midsummer's Night Dream", "Terra Nova", "The King and I", "Much Ado About Nothing", "Desire Under the Elms", and "A Christmas Carol". Here Ti finds a path that he feels is his and not one chosen for him, he opts not to attend medical school.

Rick attends Southern Illinois University, and dislikes it before classes begin, being told at orientation by his counselor that his dream of going to film school won't happen until his junior year. He leaves after that first year to attend Film & video classes at The College of Dupage. Disgruntled over a faculty member who says that Rick and the rest of the students taking those classes are wasting their time because "nobody makes it in this business" Rick decides to leave the film & video program to enter into the theatre program where he finds that they have a better respect for their students and the art which they are trying to pursue.