What is Dianna Agron's tattoo?

Dianna Agron is one of the hottest Hollywood celebrities. She has been a part of the leading television series “Glee”. She portrayed the role of Quinn Fabray on the TV series Glee. Aside from being a wonderful actress, she is also an award winning singer. Aside from that, she also directs show, produce movies, a screenwriter and a model. These characteristics have made Dianna Agron one of the promising Hollywood actresses. She also plays Sarah in I am Number Four. Dianna Agron is a native of California. The actress has been very influential because of her different roles. She is also a good example for the youth.

Another talked about subject about this actress is that she got several tattoos on her body. She got a tattoo on her left wrist as well as tattoo on her left rib cage. Both of her tattoos have puzzled most of her followers. She has couple of small heart tattoos on her left wrist. Those heart tattoos have letters inside them. Some of the people think that the letters are symbols of the love of her life, especially her boyfriend. Some of the people think that it is just a representation of someone very dear to her heart. Dianna Agron does not disclose any information about her tattoo on the left wrist.

Another noticeable tattoo is the Dianna Agron tattoos rib. She has a tattoo on her left rib cage that reads “Mary had a little lamb.” Some of her followers think that she has a strong obsession with lamb. However, this is not the case. Dianna Agron does not have obsessions about lamb. What the people do not know is that the name of Dianna’s mother is Mary. The truth is that she had her “Mary had a little lamb” tattoo because of her respect and love for her mother. The little lamb is her nickname. As a matter of fact, she used the nickname in her Twitter account. Her Twitter name is @alittlelamb. The tattoo is written in an exceptional font and in single line.

So far, Dianna Agron does not feel like getting another ink. She said that she is contented with her current tattoos. However, she admitted that she thinks of getting another tattoo especially if she is surrounded by her co actors in Glee. These actors have influenced her a lot, especially when it comes to tattoo. As of now, she does not have any new tattoo.