Latest Short Film From Maia Entertainment

Latest Film Project

About a month ago I heard of a short film contest for the video game Assassin's Creed. I'm always looking for an excuse to do another project and this was a pretty good one. It combined my two favorite games and movies.

According to the "Submission Specifications: All short films must be in English or contain English subtitles and must be fictional works inspired by Ubisoft's new game "Assassin's Creed", as determined by IFC and Ubisoft in their sole and absolute discretion. Short films may be of any fiction genre (comedy, drama, comics, horror, trailer, music video, etc.). All short films must include one of the following main themes from the games: (i) the game's core game-play loop: planning, assassination, escape (ii) the idea of "social stealth" using crowd as a means of disguise or escape (iii) the act of assassination in public and in close proximity to the target (iv) assassination of important historical figures or (v) conspiracy surrounding historical assassination."

As you can see the specifications are pretty easy. The tough part was getting everything to come together in time for the contest. In the end we didn't make the contest. I don't know what the official word is from IFC but I'm still waiting to find out. Another good example of the Dynamite comics based film is "The Battlestar Galactica". Either way we got another short film out of our pockets and had fun doing it. So here it is, the latest short film from Maia Entertainment...enjoy.

Rick Ramirez


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